Deck Cleaning

Need your Deck Cleaned? Diamond Jim’s has been cleaning, restoring and maintaining decks since 1995.We have become a specialized Deck & Wood Restoration Company over the past 30 years. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal, no other Company in CT are more experienced or qualified to clean your Deck. We are Connecticut’s Premier Deck Cleaning & Restoration Company. We specialize in Deck & Wood Restoration. 30 years experience cleaning decks throughout Connecticut. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal.

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Premier Deck Cleaning Services in Connecticut

Deck Cleaning in Waterbury, Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford CT

We are known industry wide as the wood care experts and are often called in to solve problems caused by bad finishes. We have been interviewed by Cleaner Times magazine for their issue on exotic wood care.

With over 30 years experience cleaning and restoring decks, we have learned a thing or two about doing it. Deck Cleaning is a specialized task. Many Pressure Washing Companies may offer Deck Cleaning Services until something goes wrong. It is easy for an inexperienced contractor to cause irrevocable damage to a soft wood material.

Power Washing machinery and equipment can blast decking materials, causing damage to the wood and even certain types of cleaning or stripping agents can have a bad reaction and cause damage or permanent staining.

We have experience cleaning all types of wood deck materials including composite decks, pine, oak, cedar, redwood, teak, cambara, mahogany, ipe, pressure treated lumbar or many other common and exotic types of woods.

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Cedar Deck Cleaned & Restored in Woodbridge CT

Why Clean Your Deck?

We know how important a deck is for your home and your lifestyle. The deck is a great place for many American families to enjoy family cook-outs, hanging out in the Spring and Summer, and as a way to extend your living areas to the outside. Decks are an asset a real asset to your home, and can add tremendous enjoyment and value.

Your deck if left untreated may have turned gray, mildewed and warped. If neglected it could even started to splinter on the decking boards or handrails. You may believe that replacement is your only option, that cleaning or trying to restore your deck, would be a complete waste of time. However, fortunately no matter how unsightly your deck is looking now, provided to wood is not rotting, it can be saved and restored for continual use and enjoyment, for many years, even decades to come.

We have cleaned and restored decks that have been over 20 years old and totally neglected. Restored to their original and beautiful condition, for a fraction of the cost of replacement. And 15 years later they still look great.

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Ipe Deck Cleaning in Stamford CT

Wood & Deck Restoration

We can also clean and restore the various wooden structures around your home in addition to your deck. Those structures may include wood stairs, railings, gazebos, outdoor furniture, canopies, fences, awnings, sun room flooring and much more. Regardless of the wood structure you have around your property, we can clean, sand, strip and re-seal or stain it. Call us for more information.

If your deck or wood does not have a seal or stain finish on it, or has a finish that will easily come off with general cleaning, then we will lightly but thoroughly clean it, before we re-seal, stain or oil it. We begin the full process by low pressure cleaning to remove all of the dirt, algae, stains and contaminants. This process readies the wood or deck for the seal, stain or oiling. We allow sufficient drying time, estimated at 48 hours or long enough for the wood or deck, has a moisture content level of less than 12%. This step is essential to ensure adequate bonding of newly applied finishing compound.