Deck Stripping

We offer all facets of Wood & Deck Restoration Services, including Deck Stripping throughout Connecticut. If you have been unlucky enough to inherit a deck or wood structure with a painted or stained surface, call us today for professional removal. We can restore your wood or deck back to its original condition.

connecticut deck and wood stripping

Deck Stripping in CT

Premier Deck Stripping Services in Connecticut

We will first inspect your wood or deck when we visit the site, and access the condition and type of paint, seal or stain that is present. We may then need to conduct a small test spot, which will help us precisely determine exactly what type of coating was applied. Once this is established, we can decide on the best paint stripper to use. We can also find out exactly how many coats, have been applied, something that is not necessary known at first glance.

Some finishes such as Sikkens are extremely difficult to remove, as are acrylic and solid stains. Whereas Thompson’s water seal and many other paraffin wax  sealers are easier and much less time consuming. The method of removal will vary, depending on the type of stain or coating to be removed.

After the deck has been stripped of all traces of seal, stain, paint or coated finish, it then needs to be properly neutralized. Neutralizing the stripping compound, stops it working, leaving your wood and deck pH neutral and balanced, ready for any new coatings. The Wood or Deck is then sanded and buffed, before application of any type of new coating. Neutralizing will also help brightening your wood deck.

We’ve created a detailed step-by-step visual photo gallery so you can see the complete process of deck stripping from start to finish.